If you visit this website and the products and services made available via this website, your personal data will be collected by us. Moreover, our website will also store a number of cookies on your device. These are used to improve the website’s functionality on your device.

Please find below some information about what personal data we may collect, why we do this and what we do with the data. We will also explain which cookies we use and why.


In order to increase the functionality and speed of this website and tailor it to your preferences, we collect certain information regarding your use. We do this by using cookies and similar technologies that send and store small text files to your computer, tablet and/or mobile phone when you visit our website. The information stored in those cookies is then returned to our own secure servers or those of the relevant third parties on your next visit.

You can disable ‘cookies’ via the settings in your browser. However, as a result it is possible that not all features of our website will operate as intended.

Our website uses cookies in order to:
• enable certain features of the website and to protect the website (technical or functional cookies);
• analyse the use of the website and use that analysis to improve the website (analytical cookies);
• make the browsing experience more interesting for the visitor by showing advertising that matches your interests (advertising cookies);
• enable you to e-mail, print or share a page via social media (social media cookies);

Technical or functional cookies

Some cookies are there to make sure that certain parts of the website work properly and that your user preferences are stored. Other cookies are used to display fonts properly, to remember your user session on the web server so you can access the website, or to store a search term used on the website or a selected filter.

Analytical Cookies

We also use cookies to gain insight into how our website are used and to use these insights to improve the website and therefore to increase its user-friendliness.
The analytical cookies that we use for this purpose are:
• Google Tag Manager (this cookie enables us to track the browsing activities of visitors by placing so-called ’tags’. You can read more about Google Tag Manager in Google’s Privacy Policy);
• Hotjar (this cookie provides various functionalities to be able to receive feedback about the browsing activities of visitors. You can read more about Hotjar on Hotjar’s website);
• BlueConic Plugin (This plugin allows us to collect data about the visitor and the actual browsing behaviour. You can read more about BlueConic on BlueConic’s website);
• Google Analytics (these cookies are used to enable Google to analyse how our website is used, to provide us with reports about the website and to provide us with information about the effectiveness of our campaigns. Please click on Google’s Privacy Policy to read more about data processing by Google Analystics);

Advertising cookies

In addition to the cookies listed above, we use the following advertising cookies in order to improve our online advertising and to provide us with insight into our campaign performance:
• Double Click (this cookie makes sure that you don’t see the same ad more than once. You can read more about Double Click in Google’s Privacy Policy);
• Google Adsense (this cookie allows relevant advertisers to show ads on our website. You can read more about Google Adsense in Google’s Privacy Policy);
• Google Safeframe (this cookie ensures that we keep control over what data from visitors is transferred to third parties whose cookies we are using. You can read more about Google Safeframe in Google’s Privacy Policy);
• Google Publisher Tag (this cookie allows you to use the same settings for different ads displayed on the website. You can read more about Google Publisher Tag in Google’s Privacy Policy);

Social Media cookies

To enable easy integration with Facebook, we use cookies from Facebook Connect (this cookie allows you to use Facebook functionalities when you are on our website. You can read more about Facebook Connect in Facebook’s Privacy Policy);

Deleting cookies

Many cookies have an expiration date. If an expiration date has been set, the cookie will automatically be deleted when the expiration date expires. You can also choose to delete cookies yourself before the expiration date has expired. Please refer to your browser manual for more information.

How do we obtain your personal data?

When you use the website and other products and/or services, you will sometimes provide us with personal data.

What do we do with your personal data?

We store and process your data for the following purposes, based on an agreement we have with you, our legitimate interest or after having received your consent:

• Delivering the products and services you have purchased from us;
• Settlement of payments;
• Sending and providing (sometimes tailored and relevant to you) information about the products and services you have purchased from us;
• Sending special offers for products and services;
• Carrying out surveys about the products and services they purchase;
• Creating a personal newsletter that is tailored to your preferences and interests, taking into account your previous orders and purchases;
• Maintaining a contact history;
• Creating a profile for personalizing our offer. In doing so, we combine your general information such as age and place of residence with information from other sources, such as the average income in your place of residence.

How long do we store your personal data?

We store your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which we obtained the personal data.

How do we protect your personal data?

Your personal data is stored and transferred securely. Anyone who doesn’t need to have access to your personal data, simply will not be able to get access to it. We strive to store and transfer your personal data using the latest security technology and encryption methods.

With whom do we share your personal data?

We will always treat your personal data as confidential. We will never sell your data to other parties. However, sometimes we do make personal data available to other parties. To the extent required by law, we will of course only do so with your express permission.

In a number of cases it is necessary to make your details available to third parties so that we can deliver our products and services. This is particularly the case when we use the services of third parties to process your order, such as a delivery service or our fulfilment party. In some cases we may share your personal data with our exclusive commercial partners so that they can contact you with special offers or for us to get a better idea of your interests. If we need legal permission to do so, we will ask you to give your consent when you leave your details with us, for instance, when you register somewhere on the website. You can always let us know that we are no longer allowed to transfer your data for these purposes.

All third parties with whom we will share your personal data are obliged to respect your privacy and to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. They are also obliged to store and process your data securely.

Contact, emailing and advertising
Sometimes we, one of our commercial partners, will contact you. Whether we do this and how we do this depends on whether or not you have given us permission to do so. You can always indicate that you no longer want us or our commercial partners to contact you.

Below you will find an explanation of when, how and under which conditions we or our commercial partners will contact you. You can also read about how you can indicate that you no longer want to be contacted.

How to stop receiving commercial communications

You can always indicate that you no longer wish to receive commercial or charitable communications, even if you previously indicated that you did want to receive this. We will never charge you for unsubscribing.

Communication from us

If you no longer wish to receive any commercial notifications from us, you can unsubscribe. You can do this by clicking on the link in a message sent by us to you.

Are you under the age of 16?

If you are a minor, i.e. under 16 years of age, you can only consent to the processing of your personal data with the consent of one of your parent(s) or your legal guardian. In that case, it is important that your parent(s) or guardian read this statement.

Your parent(s) can also exercise the rights you have with regard to your personal data, such as the right to object to the (further) processing of your personal data or the right to access and the right to correct your data.

Access to your data?

You can always get access to the data that we have on you, free of charge. You can also ask us to change your data if it is factually incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant.

You can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you have any complaints about the way we handle your personal data.

Contact details

The website is managed by Activo.

If you have any questions and/or comments about this Privacy Statement, please feel free to contact us via

Third party websites and apps

This Privacy Statement is not applicable to third party websites or apps that are accessed via links on this website or our app.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement.

It is advisable to consult this Privacy Statement regularly, so that you are aware of such changes.

The most current version can always be found on the website.